Camping in Belgium: Where, when and why?

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Camping in Belgium is a popular activity, especially among scouts and youth organizations. The country's landscape, which includes forests, hilly terrain, and coastal areas, offers the perfect locations for campingenthusiasts. Whether you're looking for a secluded spot in the woods or a beachfront view, you'll find plenty of choices in this country.

Best camping Belgium: Where can I camp?

Camping Belgium Ardennes Forest

Spreading through the Southeast of Belgium, the Ardennes is a region known for breathtaking landscapes that include rolling hills, forests and rivers. The area is popular for all kinds of outdoor activities, including camping. The Ardennes is probably the region with the most campsites in the country, many of which offer amenities such as toilets and showers.

Flanders Fields Campsites

Taking over the Northwest of Belgium, the fields of Flanders are known for being flat and green, the perfect spot for setting up camp. This countryside is also a Belgian historic landmark, as it played a role in World War I. Wild camping Belgium isn’t allowed just yet, so make sure you research the designated campsites in the fields of Flanders to plan a visit to the natural landscape of historical battles.

Camping Belgium Coast

Belgium’s coast is home to different beachfront landscapes that reach the border with France. If you’re all about waking up to the sounds of the sea, make sure you look for approved sites for camping Belgium coast, you won’t regret it. You might think the small coastal region of Belgium is pretty straightforward, but don’t be surprised if you encounter all sorts of hidden gems in the nearby towns and villages.

Camping Belgium: When is the best time to go?

The best time to go camping in Belgium will vary depending on your personal preferences. Are you looking to enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures? Are you all about cosy camping in the colder months?

If the sun and the water are your favourite part of nature, then you’ll want to plan your trip between the months of June and August. It’s important to note that these months are the most crowded time of the year — you might want to book your campsite and activities well in advance.

Now, if you’re the type that enjoys cooler temperatures, April and May are your best bet. For cool temperatures and less crowded camping experiences, we recommend September and October too. You can expect to find available campsites with a shorter notice period during these months.

Why is camping Belgium such a big deal?

Scout camps and youth camps are one of the most common outdoor activities in Belgium. This makes the country a great destination for scouting enthusiasts. If you’re one of them, be sure to check out our multipurpose range. From shade protection to hosting 10 scouts on a sunny or rainy day, make the most of your next scout campsite experience.


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