Why does a scout camp attracts so many young people in Belgium?

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What is a scout camp and why it attracts so many young people in Belgium?

Developing new skills, making long-lasting friendships, or simply connecting with all that nature has to offer. A scout camp is the one place that offers young people a complete camping experience. Open to lovers of the outdoors or those new to the concept, a camp like this is the ideal place to connect with the environment and people.

What you’ll find in a scout camp

One of the best things about a scout camp is the wide range of activities they offer. From learning how to set up a tent and camping basics, to chill hikes around nature and adrenaline rushes like rock climbing and rafting.

There are plenty of opportunities to try new things and to challenge yourself, but also to learn. Many scout camps also offer educational programs, such as lessons on nature, camping essentials, and even classes on survival in the wild. 

A rewarding camping experience

In addition to camp activities, scouts also get the opportunity to participate in competitions and events to earn badges based on their achievements. These badges are meant to encourage scouts to learn and develop new skills while exploring their interests. First aid, cooking, and environmental conservation are only some of the activities you might find.

A scout camp is more than badges and exercises. They’re about building communities. Scouts can connect with members of their troops and other troops in the area. The bonds formed in these camp environments are so strong they can last a lifetime.

A camp experience for all

Despite all they offer, scout camps around the world are meant to bring everyone together, which is why you’ll find different ones to fit all kinds of budgets and schedules.

Whether they’re weeks-long experiences or a simple overnight tent or cabin stay, nothing about a scout campis ordinary.

Did you know camps are one of Belgium’s top activities?

You might now know this yet, but in Belgium, a scout camp or youth movement is one of the most common activities for children and teenagers. These are often organised and led by young adults who end up being like older siblings to the scouts.

Are you up for a scout camp experience?

If you’re looking for fun adventures, connecting with people and with nature, or developing new skills, a camplike this is what you might be after.

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