How this journey started

Find the tent that suits your journey

BEYOND is not so much about what lies beyond what you can see. It’s not just about always discovering new ground, exploring jungles and learning how to cure snake bites and be initiated in an undiscovered tribe.

To go beyond your own routine is already a giant step towards discovery, or mostly rediscovery; like that spine tingle when you hear a sound you don’t recognize, of the real, fully immersive sound of hard rains and nightly gushes of wind in the trees above you. The sounds of a world you usually hear through double glazed windows.

Spending a night in the open is also the best imaginable way to discover if you like your own company. If the person in that tent surrounded by nothing but the real world is genuine enough, and hasn’t deviated too much from the ideals you had when you set out on your path. Is there enough left of the big-eyed child you were?

Waking up in a tent and opening it up on the splendor of the wild at dawn is a more overwhelming sense of luxury than in any hotel suite.
To rediscover the power of wonder may be the greatest thing we have on o

When we created BEYOND, we headed into the unknown. What we did know, was that we didn’t choose this path to sell covers, sheets and tent poles. We set out to sell discovery and rediscovery, insight, marvel and inspiration. We’re not life coaches, but we believe life is an incredible journey and to make the most out of it we can never forget to breathe in, have a look around, and reconnect with the beauty out there.

So we invite you to have a look around, find the gear you like and get camping. Your journey starts here.

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